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Our Products


Is it a onesie or a hoodie and bottoms? It's a Onesie that looks like a hoodie and bottoms! Complete with front pockets and a choice of a high collar or a hood. Create-your-Own Hoodsie in your favourite fabric type and colours today.

Hoodie and Bottoms

Create-your-Own Hoodie and Bottoms and feel Snuggletastic all year!


These aren't just any ordinary slipper boots! You can design you very own pair of Bootsies - super soft and snugly on the inside and fluffy on the outside. What will you choose?


Snuggle up in a cosy cuddly blanket, choose from a range of sizes in your favourite fleece colours. Create-your-Own and Personalise with a name or message.

Hot Water Bottle Covers

Stay toasty with our gorgeous customisable Hot Water Bottle covers. Lovingly handmade in Northumberland. Fits a standard 2 litre hot water bottle. Designed to look like a mini Onesie with pockets. You can also add ears to match your Onesie design. How very cute!

Pet Blanket

Choose your size and fleece colour. These snugly pet blankets can be personalised with your pets name. They are easy to wash and dry and are hand made to order with love in Northumberland UK.


Treat your loved ones to the gift of Create-your-Own with an All-in-One Company Gift Voucher. Let them become the designer of their very own Snuggletastic Onesie! A gift that will last a lifetime and that will be handmade especially for them.

Fleece Offcuts

Fleece off cuts for Arts and Crafts. Random size pieces of fabric. We would love to see what you create with them! UK mainland delivery only on all sizes.

Pj Case/Cushion Covers

When you have to take your Onesie off you can keep it tidy by popping it into a PJ case! Each PJ case is designed by you and hand made to order, you can create it to match your Onesie design or your interior decor colour scheme. Add a cushion cover with personalisation for the ultimate Snuggletastic bedroom!

Summer Onesies

The comfort of our much loved original Onesie, but with the coolness of shorter sleeve and leg lengths, it can now be #OnesieTime all year round! Perfect for chilling during the summer months, and for sleeping in on warmer nights.

Sleep Bags

A Create-your-Own sleeping bag with a difference - it has sleeves! A Onesie and sleeping bag all-in-one... Perfect for sleepovers and snuggling on the sofa, you can personalise this sleep bag from choosing your fabric, to adding a hood, pockets, ears and mittens you can go the extra mile and personalise with your name, quote or image.

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  1. CYO® Men's Bottoms

    CYO® Men's Bottoms

  2. CYO® Boys Bottoms

    CYO® Boys Bottoms

  3. leopard hoodsie for girls

    CYO® Girls Hoodsie

  4. beige and white CYO hoodie for girls by The All-in-One Company

    CYO® Girls Hoodie

  5. grey CYO hoodie for boys by The All-in-One Company

    CYO® Boys Hoodie

  6. beige and white CYO hoodie for men by The All-in-One Company

    CYO® Men's Hoodie

  7. cream CYO hoodie for women by The All-in-One Company

    CYO® Womens Hoodie

  8. medium weight cuddle fleece hoodsie for women by the All-in-One Company

    CYO® Women's Hoodsie

  9. brown hoodsie for men by the All-in-One Company

    CYO® Men's Hoodsie

  10. create-your-own bottoms

    CYO® Women's Bottoms

  11. cream giraffe hoodsie for children by the All-in-One Company

    CYO® Boys Hoodsie

  12. CYO Sleep Bag for Men

    CYO Sleep Bag for Men

  13. CYO Sleep Bag for Women

    CYO Sleep Bag for Women

  14. CYO Sleep Bag for Boys

    CYO Sleep Bag for Boys

  15. CYO® Girls Bottoms

    CYO® Girls Bottoms

  16. CYO® Pyjama Case

    CYO® Pyjama Case

  17. CYO® Cushion Cover

    CYO® Cushion Cover

  18. 75 x 100cm blankets by The All-in-One Company

    CYO® Blanket (75x100cm)

  19. Polar Fleece Small Bag

    Polar Fleece Small Bag

  20. Polar Fleece Medium Bag

    Polar Fleece Medium Bag

  21. Polar Fleece Large Bag

    Polar Fleece Large Bag

  22. dark brown tall bootsies for men by The All-in-One Company

    Mens CYO® Tall Bootsies

  23. Cuddle Fleece Small Bag

    Cuddle Fleece Small Bag

  24. Cuddle Fleece Medium Bag

    Cuddle Fleece Medium Bag


45 Items

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